WM930 USB Wireless 2D+1D Laser Scanner Bar Code Reader Handheld Gun with Stand

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2D +1D 2 In 1 Intelligent Automatic USB Wireless Laser Scan Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader Handheld Gun WM930 With Bracket

Sensor :640*480 CMOS
Scan Mode:Manual Scan, Auto Scan
Min resolution:Code 39 5mil
Decode capacity:1D/2D Codes on printed paper and mobile screen
Motion Tolerance:1.8 meters/sec
Print contrast :25%
Secondary development:Not support
Data output editing :Prefix&suffix
Scan Angle:Roll ±360°,Pitch ±60°,Skew ±70°
Drop:Withstand 5 drops from 1.5 meters
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Less than 1 mouth:-20-55℃
Less than 3 mouth:-20-40℃
Less than 1 year: 0-25℃
Operating Humidity :5-95% Non-condensing
Storage Humidity:5-95% Non-condensing
Ambient Light:0-70000LUX
Wireless Technology:2.4GHZ
Transmission Distance:60m
Wireless Transmit Power:20dBm
Wireless Receiving Power:20dBm
Indicator light:
Receiver:After 15 seconds of power on, the red light flashes frequently, and the blue light flashes successfully when matching and uploading
Scanner:Red and blue two-color indicator, red light power prompt, blue light decoding prompt
Buzzer:Start prompt, battery alarm ,decoding success prompt
Cable length:150CM(±3CM)
Number of scans:Scans nearly 13,000 times per charge (1000 scans per hour)
Expected operating time:15 hours
Predicted Charging Time:4hours
Number of storage:120000

1. Easy to use & handle types of POS system,warehose,home.
2.USB+wireless dual-mode use
3. Comfortable operate,rich decoded types
4. Wireless Handheld type laser barcode scanner with USB cable, scanner bracket, LED and buzzer indicator
5. Low power consumption
6. Can be used without the keyboard.
7. Simple installation, Wedge, Serial, Wand Emulation ic, NO software drivers required
8. READ/NO-READ indicators (buzzer and LED)
9. Superior reading performance ufili2ing advanced decoding algorithms
10. Extended ASCII support for Code 128 bar codes
11. Compatible Computer Systems:
Linux,Android,Mac,Windows XP、 7、8、10 etc.
12. Compatible Decode Models
Airline 2 of 5、Codaba、Codablock A、Code 128、Code 11、Code 32、Code 39、Code93、EAN/UPC、EAN-8、EAN-8转成EAN-13、EAN-13、Full SACII Code39、GS1DataBar Expanded、GS1DataBar Limited、GS1DataBar Omnidirectional、HongKong 2 of 5(China post)、Interleaved 2 of 5、RSS-14、RSS-LIMITED、RSS-EXPANDED、Straight 2 of 5 Industrial、Telepen、Trioptic Code、UPC-A、UPC-E、UPCE、MSI、Pharmacode、Matrix 2 of 5、Codablock F
Data Matrix Code、HANXIN、Maxicode、MicroPDF417、QR Code、Aztec Code、Composite、DOT_CODE

Setting Code Models(You Can Scan Codes in User Manual to Setting):
1. Restore factory setting
3. Serial port mode
5. Trigger Scan
6. Continuous Scan
7. Auto Sense Mode
8. Add Suffix / No suffix
9. Suffix as 0x0D 0x0A / Suffix as 0x0D

Note:If you are using a USB cable to connect and use, if you want to unplug the cable, use a paper clip or needle or toothpick to insert into the hole and pull out.

Package Included:
1x USB Barcode Scanner
1x USB Connection Cable
1x User Manual
1x Scanner Bracket
1x Paper clip(For Take out the USB cable)
1x Wireless USBShipping
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