Mini Amplifier Digital HiFi Audio Bluetooth 5.0 Class D Amplifier 68W+68W Black

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1. Bluetooth 5.0 lossless transmission
Stable signal, long transmission distance (up to 12m), intelligently compatible with 99% of devices
Pure copper gold-plated terminals to strengthen the stability and accuracy of the audio transmission signal
2. Suitable size and attractive appearance
Compact size suits very well for home and desktop use. Not only as a power amplifier, but also as a computer sound card.
Integrated plastic case with LED display, unique design makes it smooth and textured. No visible screws on the surface to ensure its solidity and clean appearance, the vu meter will dance with the music, beautiful and practical.
3. Multi-function and amazing performance
Supports multiple inputs (aux/usb/bluetooth/optical/coax in). The USB port supports both computers (no driver is needed) and phones (with OTG function), it can provide you with almost every method you want to enjoy your music.
It offers you great listening experience even at a very low price, the volume knob adopts expensive encoders instead of normal potentiometer to avoid noise when adjusting volume.
4. Hifi and powerful sound
Clear high fidelity and clarity sound, no audible noise, our engineer spent a lot of time and efforts to optimize the circuit to ensure that it has no noise even at the maximum output power 68W*2.

Amplifier type: 2.0 two-channel full digital decoding power amplifier
Power output: 68W+68W
Support impedance: 4-8 ohms
Power Requirements: 9-20V(Not included)
Boot method: After power on, press and hold the volume key to turn on/off
Bluetooth distance height: 12 meters (actually different due to different environments)
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Audio input: Press the M key to switch the corresponding input mode,
The screen will display the mode name
1. Bluetooth input
2. RCA audio double lotus hole input
3. Optical input
4. Coaxial input
5. U disk input
6.USB audio input (computer USB/mobile phone, tablet OTG)
Amplifier output: 2.0 stereo output (can be connected to passive speakers / car horns / disassembled speakers, etc.)
(Cannot connect Bluetooth speakers, computer speakers and other active speakers and constant pressure ceiling speaker speakers)
Color: Black/White
Size: 100 * 62 * 113mm/3.93 * 2.44 * 4.44 in
Net weight: 360g

Power and Power:
The power amplifier adopts MA12070 chip, the actual output power can reach 68W per channel, 2 channels total 136W (20V power supply), need to be equipped with 12V5A power supply. The output power is 30W*2 (4 ohms), if connected to 8 ohm speakers. The output is about 15W*2. If you need more power, you need to configure a higher-level power supply. Be careful not to exceed 20V, otherwise the chip will be burned, and the power supply should not be too small, because power - voltage * current, if the current power If it is less than 50W, there may be a power outage.

Amplifier output:
The power amplifier is a constant resistance power amplifier, supporting passive audio/speaker of 4/6/8/16 ohms. If you cannot determine the type of speaker, please contact customer service. It cannot be connected to active audio such as computer audio, and is not suitable for passive subwoofers. The four pillars behind the power amplifier are output interfaces, which cannot be connected to 3.5mm headphone plugs or lotus plugs.

Packaged Included:
1*HIFI Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier (no power supply)

DC 9V-24V power adapter, interface 5.5*2.5mm or 5.5*2.1mm (outer diameter 5.5mm, inner diameter 2.1-2.5mm, length 10-15mm plug can be applied to this machine)
Recommended 12V 5A power supply

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