Waterproof DC-DC Boost Step-Up Converter 12V To 24V 1A Car Power Supply Module

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1: High Stable and High Efficiency Performance.
2: Small Size,Easy to install,with overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection.
3: IP68 Waterproof and dustproof, easily adapt to various working environment.
4: Flame retardant plastic housing, safe and reliable.
5: Widely used in motors, security, ships, automobiles, solar energy, substations, industrial substations, motors, aerospace, lamps and other applications of the same voltage.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Module nature: DC-DC power supply (Non-isolated)
Shell Material: Flame retardant plastic shell
Input voltage: DC 12V
Input Voltage Range: DC 9-20V
Output voltage: DC 24V±0.2V
Output current: 1A / 3A / 5A (optional)
Output power: 24W / 72W / 120W
Protection level: IP68
Working temperature: -40~80℃
Conversion efficiency: 92%~96%
Static power consumption: 10~15ma
Size: 75 x 40 x 22 mm/2.95 X 1.57 X 0.87 inches
Input wire color : (+)Red, (-)Black.
Output wire color : (+)Yellow, (-)Black.

1.Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 2 cm error,thank you.
2.Please strictly follow the correct wiring method for wiring, please do not reverse the positive and negative poles.
3.After receiving the product, please test it first. You can use a multimeter or a voltmeter to measure whether the voltage at the output end of the converter is correct.
If the voltage is normal, you can supply power to the electrical appliance.

Package Included:
1x DC-DC Converter

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