UPGRADE Oil Injection Block Off Plug Hardware Cap For YAMAHA BIG WHEEL BW80

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Oil Injection Block Off Plug

1.This plug type block off allows for complete removal of the oil pump assembly and components.
Other methods require user to disassemble the oil pump/drive gear to install a plate and gasket.With this plug you simply remove the pump as one whole unit. You can also remove oil tank & lines if desired. Installation is quick and requires only a few basic tools.

2.One of the best performance upgrades for the BW-80 is removing the oil pump and installing a block off plug. The oil pump is not accurate most of the time, sending either too much or not enough oil into the engine causing big performance loss. Pre-mixing your oil and gasoline will eliminate the standard oil pump assembly and the power draw it puts on the engine. Even worse, an oil-deprived engine will result in premature wear or in many cases extreme engine failure.

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