Two Dust Cover Fix Repair Brackets Hinge For SL-Q2 Q3 3200 Q200 Others Turntable

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Two Dust Cover Fix Repair Brackets Hinge Fit for Technics SL-D2 3200 Q3 B2 Q2 D3 Others Old School Turntable Vinyl record player

1. You having to lift off your dust-cover when you want to use your turntable.This is very annoying.NOW This original design flaw can now be solved with this product!.Great solution for your Technics' broken dust cover hinges!
2. Two brackets designed to fix broken tabs (hinges) on Technics Dust Covers SL-Q2, SL-Q3, SL-D1, SL-Q200, SL-B1, SL-DD2, SL-3200 and many more...
3. This Item Included: 2 brackets, 4 screws, 4 washers and 4 nuts.
4. Very professional looks. Professionally crafted from machined aluminum and tumbled for smooth finish.
5. These brackets for installation outside of dust cover.
6. Please make sure your TT dust cover look a like on picture.
7. Installing the parts required some craftsmanship, the parts were perfect for the job.

Package included :
2 * brackets
4 * screws
4 * washers
4 * nuts

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Customer Reviews

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John Stewart
Fixed the problem

Hinges now working perfectly after straightforward fitting procedure. Trickiest operation was grinding off the remains of the original perspex lugs but no real problems encountered. I also added a pair of matching 2mm thick anodised aluminium strips on the inside of the cover to mask the messy remains of the old lugs and the supplied screws were still long enough. Very pleased with result.