Tapered Roller Bearing Set 91015-425-832 For Honda Xl350R Xlr250 Cr250R Cr80Ra

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Tapered Roller Bearing Set 91015-425-832 For Honda Xl350R Xlr250 Cr250R Cr80Ra

Condition: Aftermarket 100% New
Type: Roller Bearing
Quantity: 2 PCS
Material: Made of solid steel
Manufacturer Part Number:91015-425-832
Upper Bearing Size: 26mm x 47mm x 15mm
Lower Bearing Size: 26mm x 47mm x 15mm
Package Included:
1set Tapered Roller Bearing Kit
Note:Compatibility only for reference,Please Check out the size or product fits your motorcycle or not

For Honda 91015-425-832
For Honda CR80R 1987-2002
For Honda CR80RB 1996-2002
For Honda CR80RA 1987-1995
For Honda CR85R 2003-2007
For Honda CR85RB 2003-2007
For Honda CR125R 1982-1992
For Honda CR150R
For Honda CR250R 1982-1983
For Honda CR450 1981
For Honda CR480R 1982-1983
For Honda CR500R 1984-2001
For Honda XL200R/PARIS DAKAR (MD06) 1983-1984
For Honda XLR250 (MD03) 1982-1983
For Honda XLR250 (MD11) 1984-1988
For Honda XR200 1980-1984
For Honda XR200R 1981-2002
For Honda XR250 (K114) 1983-1983
For Honda XR250R 1984-2004
For Honda XL350R (ND03) 1985/1988
For Honda CR480R 1982
For Honda XL500R (PD02) 1982-1985
For Honda XR400R 1996-2004
For Honda XR500R (PE01/PE03) 1981-1984
For Honda XR600R 1985-2000
For Honda XR650L 1993-2017
For Honda XRV650 Africa Twin 1988-1989
For Honda XL600R/PARIS DAKAR (PD03) 1983-1987
For Honda XL600RM/LM (PD04) 1985-1987
For Honda CRF150F 2003-2015
For Honda CRF150R 2007-2015
For Honda CRF150RB 2007-2015
For Honda CRF230F 2003-2016
For Honda CRF250L 2013-2015

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