Strainer fuel pump filter for Yamaha LZ150 VZ175 Z200 #68F-13915-00

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Strainer fuel pump filter

Condition: 100% BRAND NEW
Product Name : Strainer fuel pump filter
Manufacturer Part Number:68F-13915-00
Design: Replacement Fuel Pump Motor
Flow/Pressure: 100% OEM specifications
Installation: directly replace and easy to install;
Built to strict quality standards and use superior quality parts;
100% test before shipping to ensure product safety, stability and durability;

fit for
Yamaha LZ150 TXR 2000-2005
Yamaha LZ150P ETOX 2000-2007
Yamaha LZ200 TXR 2000-2012
Yamaha LZ200N ETOX 2000-2007
Yamaha VZ150 TL/XLR 2000-2013
Yamaha Z150 TL/XLR 2000-2005
Yamaha Z150P ETOL/XL 2000-2007
Yamaha Z150Q, (V-Max) ETOL/XL (VMAX) 2000-2011
Yamaha Z150Q, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2000-2010
Yamaha VZ175 TL/XLR 2001-2012
Yamaha Z175 TL/XLR 2001-2005
Yamaha Z175G ETOL/XL 2001-2008
Yamaha Z175H, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2001-2013
Yamaha VZ200 TL/XLR 2001-2004
Yamaha Z200 TL/XLR 2000-2012
Yamaha Z200N ETOL/X 2000-2005
Yamaha (V)Z200P, (V-Max) TLR2 2001/2007-2009
Yamaha (V)Z200P, (V-Max) ETOL/XL (VMAX) 2004-2012
Yamaha (V)Z200P, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2003-2008
Yamaha Z200P, (V-Max) ETOL 2012-2013
Yamaha LZ250 TXR 2003-2005
Yamaha LZ250D ETOX 2003-2007
Yamaha LZ300 TXR 2004-2006
Yamaha LZ300A ETOX 2004-2007
Yamaha VZ200 RL/XLR 2005-2009
Yamaha Z200 (V)Z200R, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2005-2009
Yamaha VZ225 HL/XLR 2003-2009
Yamaha Z225 (V)Z225H, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2003-2009
Yamaha Z240 Z240A ETOL/XL 2004-2005
Yamaha Z240 Z240B, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2004-2007
Yamaha VZ250 FTL/XLR 2003-2009
Yamaha Z250 TL/XLR 2003-2005
Yamaha Z250D ETOL/XL 2003-2007
Yamaha Z250F, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2003-2009
Yamaha VZ300B TL/XLR 2007-2009
Yamaha VZ300 TL/XLR 2004-2006
Yamaha Z300A ETOL/XL 2004-2008
Yamaha Z300B, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2004-2009

Please Note:
1. Please check part photos, part number (OE# of your old part), part description and compatibility chart above carefully and compare them with your old part to make sure it is what you need.

Package Includes:
1 x Strainer Fuel Pump Filter

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