Solar Charge Controller PWM 10A 12V Solar Panel Battery Control Adapter Blue

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Solar Photovoltaic Charge Controller 10A 12V Solar Panel Battery Controller Build In Timer MCU Control Adapter Blue

This product is a photovoltaic controller that can quickly store the energy generated by the solar panel to the battery and provide reasonable power supply to the device. Widely used in various small solar power generation systems such as landscapes and lighting.

1.Build-in industrial micro controller.
2.LED display,showing working status.
3.Full 4-stage PWM charge management.
4.Buil-in short-circuit protection,open-cirouit protection,reverse,over-load protection.
5.Dual mosfet Reverse current protection,low heat production.

Bat voltage: 12v/24V auto adapt
Charge current: 10A
Discharge current: 10A
Max Solarinput: 12V battery with 18V, 24V batterywith 36V.
Selif-consume: <10mA
Operating temperature: -35-+85℃
Color: Blue

Open the top cover of solar controller, connecting according to the graphic on the cover.
1. Connect the “+” and “-” of the battery correctly to the corresponding terminals of the controller (3rd and 4th terminals from the left).
The load indicator (flash) flashes and lights up after 15-30 seconds, indicating that the connection is correct and the following connections can continue. If not it may damage the controller.
2. Connect the “+” and “-” of the solar panel to the corresponding terminals of the controller (1st and 2nd terminals from the left).
3. Connect the “+” and “-” of the load to the corresponding terminals of the controller (5th and 6th terminals from the left).
4. The charging indicator is bright all the time, indicating that it is charging strongly; flashing indicates that it is floating charging; when it is off, charging is stopped.
5. When the load indicator is bright all the time, it indicates that there is output, the load can work; if it is off, there is no output, and the load cannot work.

1.This controller is 12V/24V(select 18V/36V),When installing this device for the first time,please make sure that the battery has enough voltage so that the controller can recognize the correct battery type.
2.The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimi ze loss.
3.This controller is only suitable for all kinds of lead-acid batteries(including openings,seals,colloids,etc.)and lithium batteries.
4. The lead acid battery or lithium battery must be set before the hardware switch.
5. The charge regulator is only suitable for,regulating solar modules Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator.

Package Included:
1 * Solar controller unit
1 * User manual

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