Soil PH Meter Hygrometer Tester Moisture Sensor For Planting Plants Vegetables

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Soil PH Meter Hygrometer Tester Moisture Sensor For Planting Plants Vegetables

Professional sensor pH Meter tester analyzer gardening kit is used to test pH and moisture of soil to help achieve the optimal level for crops growth. It indicate the humidity Users can adjust the pH and the moisture level for plants and crops to survive and thrive. It acts a moisture probe for plant.
pH ranges 3-8. Moisture ranges 10%-80%. Equipped with metal sensing electrode to detect provide the most accurate reading as possible. It does not detect light for trees. Using this device to provide plants and organic crops with a longer healthier life.
Hand held size, high accuracy, light weight, and self operating. No external power source such as battery required. Convenient to use indoor and outdoor. It is great for farm, garden, and lawn. It can be used to with automatic electricity control watering system. It is also known as houseplant tool alkalizer acidifier 1601 indicator.
It is recommended to take several reading and get the average out of them to obtain the most accurate data for the soil. The item is not designed to test liquid substance so please DO NOT use it for liquid such as water or acid.
Changes in soil pH dramatically affect the availability of nutrients to growing crops. Our soil pH meters are simple and easy to use. Test your soil with accuracy and ease to determine if you need to adjust soil acidity. Just put in on the ground to read.

Product Description:
pH and moisture play important roles in the production of quality crops. If the soil is too acidic or basic, crops will not survive. This tool will be a key assistance to achieve optimally healthy plant growth.
Great for: Garden planters, lawn maintenance, greenhouses, and vegetable production.

Color: Black
PH Range: 3-8
Moisture Range: 10%-80% (1-8 on the reading scale)
Resolution: 0.2PH
Accuracy: ±0.2PH (suitable for farmland and classroom experiments)
Working Temperature: 5-50 ℃ (41-122℉ Fahrenheit)
Calibration: Wipe gently to remove oxides on the metal electrode
No battery required

Remove any obstruction on the testing soil, such as grass, leaves, pebbles, etc. If the soil is dry or contains too much fertilizer, sprinkle some water onto the soil and leave for 25-30 minutes before testing.
Before using the tester, thoroughly clean its metallic surface with a piece of whetting cloth. When using a brand-new tester, insert it into the soil a few times before taking your reading to remove oily impurities from its metallic surface that may affect the accuracy of reading.
Insert the meter directly into the soil, embedding its metallic surface completely and tamping down the surrounding soil so that it adheres closely to the meter’s metallic electrode surface.
After 10 minutes, record the reading.
it is advised you take an average of several measurements to achieve the most accurate data.
Press the white/green button and the pointer will indicate the correct moisture value.
After use, wipe the plates clean of soil or moisture.

1. Loosen the soil before testing, and be careful not to apply too much force to insert good soil.
2. Do not insert the metal part detector into the soil for too long (not more than 1 hour), so as not to damage the electrode.
3. Pre-test to keep the metal surface clean and dry.
4. It cannot be used to detect liquids. Once the original liquid contacts the electrical system, the fault detector will not be covered by the warranty.
5. If it can be loosened in a clockwise direction, please do not try to remove the tip of the opening.
6. It is forbidden to use detectors near magnetic objects.
7. It is forbidden to hold the electrode finger with the grease component containing the component that weakens the current.

Package Contains:
1x Soil PH Meter Hygrometer(the button is made of metal or plastic material randomly)
1x English manual

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