QRP Ham Radio PAC-12 7MHz-50MHz 100W 8-Band HF Shortwave GP Antenna Portable

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PAC-12 7MHz-50MHz 100W Multi Band HF Shortwave GP Antenna?Portable QRP For Ham Radio

Product parameters:
1. Packing weight: about 1.35kg Packing size: 36*22*4cm
2. The shrinkage length is about 34.5cm, and the erection length is about 410cm
3. Frequency: can work in 8 bands (7mhz-50mhz) at 40.30.20 meters.
4. Impedance: 50 (Ω)
5. Rolling power: 100w
6. Longitudinal wave: 40m swr band <1.3, other bands can be adjusted to 1.1

Slider reference data:
Close to the aluminum tube for 4 turns of 7mb, the pull rod retracts about 10cm, and the foot wave is 1.1-1.3
The position of the 14mb slider is close to the side of the rod antenna 6 turns and pulls back about 20cm. Foot wave 1.1-1.3
21.4 Aluminum tube and 4 pole antenna, 7-10cm, vertical wave 1.1-1.3
29.6 As long as the antenna is pulled out from the pole, everyone pulls back about half a section, the standing wave is 1.2

1 Put the ground grid connection ring directly on the screw of the ground anchor and screw it into the base. Then there are the link base - four aluminum tubes - loading coil - rod antenna.
2. In the case of standing wave adjustment, if there is a talent analyzer, first find the lowest point of the standing wave to see whether the resonance frequency is high or low. If the resonant frequency is high, it means that the antenna is short. To lengthen the rod antenna or increase the number of turns of the loading coil, if the resonance frequency is low, shorten the antenna of the rod antenna or reduce the number of turns of the loading coil.
If there is no talent meter, use the standing wave meter that comes with the radio, set it to FM, AM or RTTY mode, reduce the transmit power to about 10 watts, press the transmit button, adjust the radio frequency knob, and search for each frequency band. The minimum point of standing wave, look at the level of resonance frequency, and then use the above method to adjust
3. When using the ground net, tear 3-4 pieces. The antenna impedance can be changed by adjusting the angle of the ground grid.

Package included:
1 x Aluminum Alloy Base (anodized to black)
1 x Multi-band Load Coil (40m - 10m; material: nylon. Note: Load coil is processed by opening mold instead of manual manufacturing)
1 x Ground Anchor 10 x 240 mm (not plated to maintain good grounding)
4 x Alumina Tubes Black 19 x 320 mm (anode sandblasting oxidation)
1 x 2.5 m Stainless Steel Telescopic Antenna (thickness can be customized)
1 x 10-strand Ground Wire Cable (tear as needed when using; generally tear 3 strands)
1 x Cloth Bag

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QRP Ham Radio PAC-12 7MHz-50MHz 100W 8-Band HF Shortwave GP Antenna Portable