R-SIM14 Nano Unlock RSIM Card Fit for iPhone 11 Pro XS MAX XR 8 IOS 15

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RSIM-14 Nano Unlock Card Fit for iPhone 11 Pro Max X XS Max 8 iOS13.6 LOT

1.This r-sim 14 V18 unlock card is fully automatic unlocking, which means it will automatically jump out of ICCID
2.With the help of this unlock card, you can unlock the device for iPhone locked by any carrier in any GSM network worldwide
3.Suitable for all latest devices for iPhone, including such as for iPhone 11 11PRO,11PRO MAX,XS MAX, XR, XS, X, 6, 7, 8 and plus
4.This R-SIM 14 V18 unlock card comes with the fully automatic stable Mai mode unlock version. Besides fully automatically unlocking the phone with simple operation, it achieves base station signal, 4G network, and other stable functions
5.The portable size makes it easy to carry along
6.To unlock the phone, you can do it as what the detailed operation below shows
Suitable For:Smartphones
Features:Portable,Easy to Use
Packaged:Small plastic box
1.Insert the phone card and the unlock card into the cellphone at the same time. Wait until the program of the unlock card pops up
2.Choose your phone carrier(not the SIM card carrier), and then the screen pops up the unlock program options. Choose the third one: TMSI MANUAL mode, edit ICCID, input: 89014104270225987584, and send it. (ICCID updates continuously. If you find the code is useless, you can consult us). Then you can click OK on the following popup. Completed
3.After completing the above operations, you can use the pin for retrieving card to eject the phone card slot and then push it into the phone. And wait for the activated mode.
When the process of the activate mode is completed and connecting Wifi to activate it, it will show the SIM card is invalid, then shut down and restart it.
After restarting it and connecting Wi-fi to activate the phone, it will always jump to the main interface, just wait for the signal and then it is done
If you wait for over 2 seconds and the signal is still unconnected, you need to shut down and restart the phone again to wait for the signal

Compatible Models:
Works with all latest iPhones iOS 13 .6

For iPhone 6/6S
For iphone 6/6S Plus
For iPhone 7/7 Plus
For iPhone 8
For iPhone 8Plus
For iPhone X
For iPhone XR
For iPhone XS
For iPhone Xs MAX
For iPhone 11
For iPhone 11 Pro
For iPhone 11 Pro max

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