1X Power Cable GPU PCIE Dual 8pin fit for Corsair RM550X RM650X 750X RM850X

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(1 x / 6 x) GPU PCIE Dual 8-pin Cable
Power Supply Cable GPU PCIE Dual 8-pin Fit for Corsair RM550X RM650X RM750X RM850X

18 AWG wire can supply power for common graphics cards with stable power supply
All net workmanship, firm and durable
8 pin to dual 8(6+2) pin interface, which can be connected with multiple graphics cards

Compatible with:(Other power supply models and brands are different and not universal)
Function: Applicable to CORSAIR PCIE 8pin to Dual 8 (6 + 2) pin Power Supply Cable
Fit For Corsair RM550X RM650X RM750X RM850X RM1000X RM750 RM850 80 PLUS
Fit For Corsair CX450M CX550M CX650M CX750M
Fit For Corsair SF600 SF750 SF450 80 Plus Gold Modular

Material: PVC + pure copper core
Specification: 18 AWG
Length: the total length is about 60cm, and the branch line at 6 + 2 pin end is about 15cm long,Total 75cm(29.5Inches)

Package Contents:
1PC/6PCS 8 pin to dual 8 pin cable

(1 x / 6 x) PCIE 6 pin male to 8 (6+2) Pin Cable
50cm/20inches PCIE 6 pin male to 8 (6+2) Pin Dual Male GPU Power Cable Splitter

1. Cable Connector: 6 pin to 8 (2+6pin.
2.One of the Latest PCI-e Mining Kit, more Efficient & Practical & Safe.
3.Using 6 Pin Cable to get external power, reduce load of motherboard upon.
4.Suitable for Ethernet square graphics mining machine server power conversion card supply line.

Condition: 100% new
Color:Yellow & Black
Material: Plastic & Metal
Length: approx.50cm(20inches)
Suitable for: connecting various graphics card.

Package Contents:
1PC/6PCS PCIE 6 pin male to 8 (6+2) Pin Cable

(1 x / 6 x) 24PIN 20+4 Dual PSU Power Cable
24PIN 20+4 Dual PSU Multiple Power Supply Splitter Adapter 30cm Cable - 2 PSU

Brand new and high quality
Enables the connection of two power supply units to a single motherboard.
Perfect for Bitcoin Mining Builds and Dual PSU gaming.
Connect 2 Power Supply Units together to provide more power to your computer components without having to upgrade your existing ?Power supply unit.
1x Male end (Motherboard side): 24pin
2x Female ends (PSUs side): 24pin
Cable length: 30cm.

Power connector (<2000W) for pc
This adapter allows you to turn on/off two power supplies simultaneously.
However, please use the outputs from the 24pin power supply only on motherboard. and use the outputs of the 2pin power supply solely for devices ---like hard drive, cd rom, dvd, etc
Please do not mix the power from first and second power supplies.

Connectors:24 Pin
MPN:Does Not Apply
Form Factor:ATX
Cable length: 30cm

Package Contents:
1PC/6PCS 24PIN 20+4 Dual PSU Multiple Power Cable

(1 x / 6 x) 6 Pin female to Dual 8 Pin male
6 Pin female to Dual 8 Pin male Power Supply Cable PCIe PCI-E 6Pin to Dual 8Pin Graphics Card Cable Splitter for BTC ETH Mining Miner

Convenient solution for adding two extra PCI Express connectors to your existing power supply;
6 Pin female end to connect to the power connector of the power supply and two 8 Pin (6+2) male ends to plug into the video Image card;
Compatible with 6-pin 8-pin Image cards from popular manufacturers from for ASUS, ASRock,Radeon,Sapphire,EVGA and Gigabyte
Genuine new copper cores, no recycled materials.

Product Name: PCIe 6Pin Female to Dual PCIe 2X 8pin (6 + 2) Male 6 Female to Dual 6 + 2 Male
Product Length: 20cm/7.87inches
Conductor material: 18AWG tinned copper

Package Contents:
1PC/6PCS gpu power cable

(1 x / 6 x) 15 Pin 1 Male To 5 Female Splitter
SATA Power 15 Pin 1 Male To 5 Female Splitter Hard Drive Cable for HDD SSD

1.SATA15Pin one to five, serial port one to five SATA hard disk power extension cable
2. SATA interface hard disk, optical drive universal, support serial 2.5-inch / 3.5-inch hard disk and optical drive, one line multi-purpose, so that 1 SATA expands multiple SATA connectors, multiple hard drive chassis wiring
3. One-to-five output, reasonable use of redundant IDE interface on the power supply, and make up for the shortage of SATA interface
4. The product is made of 18AWG positive marking wire, tinned copper wire core, permanently supports high current power supply, power supply is more stable and safe
5. The outer surface is made of PVC, with good insulation and flame retardancy, safer use, firm toughness, durable and easy to break
6. This power cord is 20CM + 10CM*4, easy to use and connect
7. Parallel cable design, no need to cover the network, the wires are scattered, make the wire neat, flat and parallel wire body, and convenient wiring perforation, etc.

Product Name: Power SATA 15Pin One to Five Serial One to Five SATA Hard Drive Power Cable Hard Drive Extension Cable
Product Length: 60cm 20cm+10cm*4
Cable Type: 18awg
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper
Cable Colour: Black parallel cable
Product Weight: 51G
Interface: SATA male / SATA female
Function: To extend one SATA connector to multiple SATA connectors for multi-drive cabling

Package Contents:
1PC/6PCS SATA 15Pin one to five power extension cable


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