Oil Level Sensor Replacement 12617607910 For BMW 1 3 5 6 7 Series X1 X3 X5 Z4

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Oil Level Sensor Replacement 12617607910 For BMW 1 3 5 6 7 Series X1 X3 X5 Z4

Material: ABS Plastic+Metal
Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Oil Level Sensor
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Quantity: 1pcs
Manufacturer Part Number:12617567723,12617607910

Fitment For:
For 1 Series E82
For 2008-2013 128i N51/N52N Coupe (E82/N51/N52)
For 2008-2010 135i Coupe (E82/N54)
For 2011-2013 135i Coupe (E82/N55)
For 1 Series E88
For 2008-2013 128i Convertible (E88/N52N/N51)
For 2008-2010 135i Convertible (E88/N54)
For 2011-2013 135i Convertible (E88/N55)
For 3 Series E90
For 2006 325i/325xi/330i/330xi Sedan (E90/N52)
For 2007-2008 328i/328xi N51/N52N Sedan (E90/N51/N52N))
For 2007-2008 335i/335xi Sedan (E90/N54)
For 2008-2008 M3 Sedan (E90/S65)
For 3 Series E90N
For 2009-2011 328i/328xi Sedan
For 2009-2010 335i/335xi Sedan
For 2011-2011 335i/335xi Sedan
For 3 Series E91
For 2006-2006 325xi Touring
For 2007-2008 328i/328xi Touring
For 3 Series E91N
For 2009-2012 328i/328xi Touring
For 3 Series E92
For 2007-2010 328i/328xi/335i N51/N52N Coupe
For 2008-2010 335xi/M3 Coupe
For 3 Series E92N
For 2011-2013 328i/328xi/335i/335is/335xi Coupe
For 3 Series E93
For 2007-2010 328i N51/N52N Convertible (E93/N51)
For 2007-2010 335i/M3 Convertible
For 3 Series E93N
For 2011-2013 328i/335i/335is Convertible
For 5 Series E60
For 2006-2007 525i/530i/550i Sedan
For 2004-2005 545i Sedan (E60/N62)
For 2006-2010 M5 Sedan (E60/S85)
For 5 Series E60N
For 2008-2010 528i/528xi/535i/550i Sedan
For 5 Series F07
For 2010-2013 535i/535ix Gran Turismo (F07/N55)
For 2010-2012 550i/550ix Gran Turismo (F07/N63)
For 5 Series F10
For 2011-2011 528i Sedan (F10/N52N)
For 2011-2013 535i/535ix/550i/550ix Sedan
For 6 Series E63
For 2004-2005 645Ci Coupe (E63/N62)
For 2006-2007 650i Coupe (E63/N62N)
For 2006-2010 M6 Coupe (E63/S85)
For 6 Series E63N
For 2008-2010 650i Coupe (E63N/N62N)
For 6 Series E64
For 2004-2005 645Ci Convertible (E64/N62)
For 2006-2007 650i Convertible (E64/N62N)
For 2007-2010 M6 Convertible (E64/S85)
For 6 Series E64N
For 2008-2010 650i Convertible (E64N/N62N)
For 6 Series F06
For 2014-2015 640iX Gran Coupe (F06/N55)
For 6 Series F12
For 2012-2015 640i Convertible (F12/N55)
For 2014-2015 640iX Convertible (F12/N55)
For 2012-2012 650i Convertible (F12/N63)
For 2012-2012 650iX Convertible (F12/N63)
For 6 Series F13
For 2012-2015 640i Coupe (F13/N55)
For 2014-2015 640iX Coupe (F13/N55)
For 2012-2012 650i Coupe (F13/N63)
For 2012-2012 650iX Coupe (F13/N63)
For 7 Series E65
For 2002-2005 745i Sedan (E65/N62)
For 2006-2008 750i Sedan (E65/N62N)
For 2004-2006 760i Sedan (E65/N73)
For 2007-2008 ALPINA B7 Sedan (E65/N62)
For 7 Series E66
For 2002-2005 745Li Sedan (E66/N62)
For 2006-2008 750Li Sedan (E66/N62N)
For 2003-2008 760Li Sedan (E66/N73)
For 7 Series F01
For 2011-2012 740i Sedan (F01/N54)
For 2009-2012 750i Sedan (F01/N63)
For 2010-2012 750iX Sedan (F01/N63)
For 2011-2012 ALPINA B7 Sedan (F01/N63)
For 2011-2012 ALPINA B7X Sedan (F01/N63)
For 7 Series F02
For 2011-2012 740Li Sedan (F02/N54)
For 2009-2012 750Li Sedan (F02/N63)
For 2010-2012 750LiX Sedan (F02/N63)
For 2010-2012 760Li Sedan (F02/N74)
For 2011-2012 ALPINA B7L Sedan (F02/N63)
For 2011-2012 ALPINA B7LX Sedan (F02/N63)
For 7 Series F02N
For 2014-2015 760Li Sedan (F02N/N74)
For X5 E53
For 2004-2006 X5 4.4i SAV (E53/N62)
For 2004-2006 X5 4.8is SAV (E53/N62)
For X5 E70
For 2007-2010 X5 4.8i SAV (E70/N62N)
For X6 E71
For 2008-2014 X6 50iX SAC (E71/N63)
For Z4 E85
For 2006-2008 Z4 3.0i Roadster (E85/N52)
For 2006-2008 Z4 3.0si Roadster (E85/N52)
For 2006-2008 Z4 M3.2 Roadster (E85/S54)
For Z4 E86
For 2006-2008 Z4 3.0si Coupe (E86/N52)
For 2006-2008 Z4 M3.2 Coupe (E86/S54)

Package Included:
1x Oil Pan Level Sensor

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