Guitar Handheld Fret Press Clamp With 4 Padded Neck Presses Guitar Repair Tool

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Guitar Handheld Fret Press Clamp With 4 Padded Neck Presses Guitar Repair Tool

The Handheld Fret Press Clamp gives you a flexible and mobile fretting solution, it comes with four padded neck support cauls to suit a variety of necks and are secured using the quick release pin for fast, easy changes, the neck support cauls slide along the bottom jaw to position the neck correctly. There is a tension adjustment screw and the handle locks in place once clamped allowing you to use the press for gluing frets in place as well as pressing.

1. Handheld Fret Press with 4 neck support cauls + 4 inserts
Pressing in frets is the most consistent way to get every fret seated along its whole length.
2. The Handheld Fret Press is a professional fretting tool that gives you finer control over the pressure needed to seat a fret into the slot, you can actually feel it seating! It eliminates complicated clamping setups, so your press-in fret jobs go faster. There's a self-levelling upper caul that adjusts easily to any neck and it fits any of 4 interchangeable brass inserts , The neck support that on bottom can slide back and forth.
3. This is a durable steel tool that's easily adjustable. It has a fine thumbwheel adjustment for clamping pressure. A clamp release lever unlocks the tool. The jaws open enough to accommodate any instrument neck.
4. 7.25/ 9.5/10/12 radius brass inserts, each one is marked with number clearly, easy and convenient to use. with groove side to prevent the fingerboard fret wire from sliding off.
5. The full length of this tool is about 12.5"(320mm)

Includes 4 padded neck presses
Strong steel construction
Standard for guitar and bass
Narrow for ukulele, mandolin and banjo
Flat for bolt-on neck heels

Package Includes:
1 x Fret Press Caul Tool
1 x Release lever
1 x Allen wrench
4 x Radius inserts( 7.25/9.5/10/12 )
4 x Neck Supports

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