DC 24V Step Down To DC 12V 5A 60W Voltage Regulator Reducer Power Converter

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DC 24V Step Down To DC 12V 5A 60W Voltage Regulator Reducer Power Converter

1: Over-voltage protection,over-current protection.
2: Over-temperature protection,short-circuit protection.
3: Easy to install, anti-aging, good heat dissipation.
4: High conversion efficiency: Over 90%
5: Widely used in automotive, surveillance systems, railway signals, medical equipment, instruments and meters, LED products, LED strips, cable TV and other low power test systems.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Shell Material: Die-cast aluminum alloy
Input Voltage: DC 24V
Input Voltage Range: 18V-35V DC
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 5A
Output Rated Power: 60W
Conversion efficiency: >90%
Enclosures: IP68
Case Operating Temperature: -40~85°C
Size: 64 x 53 x 20 mm/2.52inches*2.09inches*0.79inches

1. Please correct wiring and installation, and confirm that the positive and negative polarities of the input and output are correct before powering on to work.
2. The battery power at the input end is within the input voltage range and the power is sufficient to ensure the normal operation of the power converter.
3. Please install it in a well-ventilated and heat-dissipating environment to avoid over-temperature protection of the power converter due to heat accumulation.
4. If the ambient temperature exceeds 45 ℃ , please reduce the power output, Or enhance heat dissipation.
5. Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.

Package Included:
1x DC/DC Converter Regulator

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