ENGINE Connecting Rod Kit For Yamaha CT50 S 90-93 CR50 Z Target 91-96 CA50 S RIVA 50 84-86CV50 Jog 01-07 YA50 Axis 50 90-97 YJ50R Vino 50 97-05

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ENGINE Connecting Rod Kit For Yamaha CT50 CR50 CA50 CV50 YA50 YJ50R YL50 YV50

FEATURES:Rods are maded from chromoly steel forging to ensure maximum
strength and durability.High quality craftsmanship and Precision finished.
Color: Same As Picture Show

Conditon:100% Brand New
Material:chromoly steel
big end diameter:22MM
small end diameter:14MM
Center to center:80MM
Pin Diameter:16MM
Pin Length:37MM
Big-end Bearing (MM):16*22*12
Small bearing(MM):10*14*12.5
OEM Part Number:
For Yamaha 4Y4-E1651-00
For Yamaha 2E9-11651-00

For Yamaha CT50 S 1990-1993
For Yamaha CR50 Z Target 1991-1996
For Yamaha CA50 S RIVA 50 1984-1986
For Yamaha CV50 Jog 2001-2007
For Yamaha YA50 Axis 50 1990-1997
For Yamaha YJ50R Vino 50 1997-2005
For Yamaha YL50 Basic Jog 2004-2007
For Yamaha YV50 Jog 1998-2007
For Yamaha YW50 BWS 1998-2010
For Yamaha BA50 Gear 1994-2007
For Yamaha CG50 Jog 1987-1990
For Yamaha CH50 Beluga 1983-1992
For Yamaha CJ50 Champ 1986
For Yamaha CX50 Champ 1988-1990
For Yamaha CY50 Jog 1989-2001
For Yamaha LC50 1980
For Yamaha MA50 1982
For Yamaha MJ50 1982
For Yamaha CW50 1989-1998
For Yamaha PW50 1981-2018
For Yamaha QT50 1979-1987
For Yamaha SH50 1987-2001
For Yamaha YG50 Jog 1991-2000
For Yamaha YT60 Tri-Zinger 60 1984-1985
For Yamaha YF60 4-ZINGER 1986

Package Included:
1x Connecting Rods Kit
Installation Instruction NOT Included

What you see in the picture is exactly what you get.
Please check the fit model and kit size for your model.

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