Clutch Plate Kit - Friction & Steel Plates For Yamaha DT50 DT50R RD50 RX50 YSR50 YB50 MR50 QA50 QB50 YB-1

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Clutch Plate Kit - Friction & Steel Plates for Yamaha DT RD RX YSR YB MR QA QB 50R 1974-1999

Kit includes 2 friction plates on tempered steel cores and 1 tempered steel drive plates.
Plates feature a starburst groove pattern for maximum heat dissipation and oil circulation.
Increased flywheel effect of steel plates improves power spread.
More stronger, more positive clutch engagement ideal for high-performance stroker motors.
This kit overcomes the stack heigh problem by completely resetting the vehicles clutch stack height.
Professional installation would be highly recommend without instructions.

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Material: Aramid Fiber / Steel
Type: Cluth Kit
Style: Replacement Compete Kit


Fits Yamaha DT50R DT50 1995-1996
Fits Yamaha DT50R 1989/1991-1992
Fits Yamaha DT50 MX1989/1991-1992
Fits Yamaha RD50 1986
Fits Yamaha RX50 RX50K RX50L 1982-1984
Fits Yamaha YSR50 1987-1992
Fits Yamaha YB50 1985-1997
Fits Yamaha YB-1 1996-1999
Fits Yamaha MR50 1980
Fits Yamaha QA50 Pocket 1980
Fits Yamaha QB50 Vogel 1980

Fits Yamaha JT1 JT1L 1971
Fits Yamaha JT2 JT2MX 1972
Fits Yamaha FS1 FS1 E/FS1DX/FS1/FS1SE 1974-1990
Fits Yamaha DT50 M/MX 1980-1995
Fits Yamaha RD50 M/MX 1980-1987
Fits Yamaha TY50M (2KO) 1980

1x Steel Separator Plates
2x Clutch Friction Plates

Rebuilding the clutch by replacing the friction plates merely does not often achieve this accurately.
Especially when separator plates have been worn,this kit can solve this problem perfectly.
Please check pictures for more details.

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