Caravan RV Power Gear 14-1130/140-1130 Slide Out Relay Control Board 246063

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If the Relay board you took out has the part number 14-1130 or 140-1130 than this board will drop in and you just need to move over your Thermal Circuit Breaker and Glass Fuse from your older board.

Package Includes:
1 X Power Gear 14-1130 or 140-1130 Slide out relay
1 X Slow blow fuse
4 X Spacers for the bottom of board (to avoid short circuit).

1- The original Power Gear 14-1130 and 140-1130 are relay boards that have high power relays that route the power to the electric motors for your Power Gear Slide Out System.
2- This circuit board replaces Power Gear circuit board model numbers 14-1130, 14-1098 and 14-1086. The same fuse and breaker that is on the old board may be used on the new 140-1130. The 140-1130 controller will need the center wire on the wall switch to be a 12VDC (positive trigger) which on some models of controllers such as the 14-1098 are ground trigger.
3- If you have the older Power Gear 14-1098 board on your RV this won't be a drop in replacement. It's slightly larger (so you'll need to have new holes to screw it down) and you'll also have to do some changes to your stock wiring. If you do the changes this will function for your system just fine.

It is recommended to replace the old degraded Connector and Harness(NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING), so your slide out runs smoothly without any issues in the future.Shipping
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