B250C-BTC PCI Express DDR4 Computer Mining Motherboard for LGA1151 Gen6/7

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B250C-BTC PCI Express DDR4 Computer Mining Motherboard Fit for LGA1151 Gen6/7

1. Innovative design, convert PCIE 1x directly to USB3.0 interface, reduce intermediate transfer links, reduce costs, reduce signal attenuation, and make continuous long-term work more stable;
2. Upgrade to HDMI-compatible high-definition display interface, which is convenient and practical;
3. Support Core 6th and 7th generation CPUs, easy to use LGA1151, low cost, low investment and efficient mining;
4. This product is made of high-quality materials, durable, long service life, firm and stable in use.Made of high-quality materials, durable, solid electronic components and long service life.
5. Upgraded to HDMI compatible high-definition display interface, which is more practical.

Product model: B250C BTC 12P
Processor: Supports all processors of the LGA 1151 series
Chipset: using IntelB250 high-speed chipset
Memory: 2*DDR4DIMM memory slot, support 2133/2400MHz memory, maximum support 16GB
Display chip: integrated Intel HD Graphics core graphics card
Display output: HDMI-compatible/12*USB3.0 to PCI-E16X
Network: 1*RTL8111F Gigabit Ethernet chip
Storage: 4*SATA hard disk interface
BIOS: AMI 64Mb flash memory
Power supply type: support ATX24P+ATX4P12V+ATX6P
Socket type: LGA 1151
Support memory type: DDR4 (2133/2400/2600)
Storage interface type: SATA hard disk interface
Coin Cell Battery: CR2032L 3V(Not Included,need to buy it your own , installation is simple, Press it into the battery slot.It's done.)
Back interface: P/S keyboard and mouse, 2 USB3.0, 1 RJ45
Onboard network function: 100M
Product size: 23*18.5cm
Net weight: 0.39kg
Packing size: 26*20*5cm
Weight with packaging: 0.52kg

Input and output interface:
2*USB3.0 interface
4*USB2.0 interface
1*HDMI compatible interface
1*RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port
1*PS/2 interface

Built-in I/O interface:
1*USB3.0 pin 2*USB2.0 pin
1*COM pin
1*F- PANEL front panel function buttons and indicator pins

Package Included:
1 PC Motherboard (not included CPU)Shipping
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