5in1 PH/TDS/EC/Salinity/Temperature Digital Water Quality Tester Meter Test Tool

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Multi-Function Water Quality Tester
This Listing is for One Brand New EZ-9909Multi-Function Water Quality Tester
Which Can Measure pH, TDS, EC, Salinity and Temperature in Solution.
Perfect for Testing Drinking Water pH Level, Swimming Pools, Aquariums,
Hydroponics, comes with a Backlit Digital Display that will Automatically Shut-off
after 5 minutes, has Auto Temperature Compensation and has a Waterproof Grade
of IP67, can also be Temporarily Immersed in1 Meter of Water Safely.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Water Quality Tester
Material: ABS
Electrical Conductivity Test Range: 0-10000uS/cm 10.01-19.99ms 20.1-400mS/CM
Resolution: 1uS/cm; 0.1 mS/CM
Accuracy: ±2% of the reading
Test Range: 0-1000ppm 1000ppm -10000ppm 10.1-200.0 PPT
Accuracy: ±2% of the reading
Salinity (Salinity) Measuring Range: 0.00-25.00%
Resolution: 0.01%
Accuracy: 0.01-5.00% (±0.1%) 5.10-25.00%(±1%)
PH Test Range: 0.01-14.00pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Precision: ±0.05pH
Temperature Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
Working Environment: 0-60.0℃ (32.00-140 ℉); 100% RH
Factor: 0.4-1.0
Temperature Range: 0.1-60.0℃ 32.0-140℉
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃/℉
Automatic Power-off: 5 min
Battery: 3 x 1.5 LR 44 (Batteries Not Included)
Display Size: Approx. 33 x 24mm / 1.3 x 1in
Size: Approx. 183 x 37 x 37mm / 7.2 x 1.5 x 1.5in
Display: Supports backlight
Waterproof Grade: IP67
Power Consumption: 2.9mA
Shutdown Power Consumption: 0

Kit Includes:
1 Multi-Function Meter
1 Plastic Hard Case
Batteries- 3x1.5 LR44(Not Included)

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