30W QRP Shortwave HF Antenna 5MHz-55MHz FM Aviation 50M Full Band Tuned Antenna

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30W QRP Shortwave Antenna HF Antenna 5MHz-55MHz Antenna Shortwave Radio Transmitting Antenna FM Aviation UV 50M Full Band

How to use the small whip Antenna:
1. The knob above is the band switch of each frequency. The knob below is for fine adjustment of frequency and vibration point. The upper outer ring 11 and inner ring 50 represent the common position of 11 – 50MHz. 8 and FM represent 8MHz and FM bands can use this position. And so on. Then select the knob below to fine tune to find the best standing wave suggestion link talent to check the vibration point.
2. Expand the use method: remove the rod antenna. Connect a 20 meter long line. Long lines are erected high or on the roof. The tuning method is the same as above. The launch efficiency will be improved several times!

- Adjustable frequency: 5MHz-55MHz for transmit and receive
- VSWR is less than 1.5 at 7MHz/10MHz/14MHz/21MHz
- Power: within 30W
- FM 76mhz-108mhz reception
- Can receive UHF VHF frequencies. With transfer assist function
- Adjust the frequency through the knob; the band switch selects the short wave high and low bands
- Stretched size 140 cm / 55.1 inches (including tuner). Made of stainless steel
- Unstretched dimensions approximately 30cm/11.8" (including tuner). Tuner dimensions 10 x 3 x 3cm/3.9 x 1.2 x 1.2" (LxWxT)
- With M4 male connector on top. Output M male or BNC male connector

Package Included:
- 1 x Tuner
- 1 x Antenna
- 1 x AdapterShipping
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