2021 Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with Safe Power Button for Argon One

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2021 Upgraded Version A Decent Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with Safe Power Button

Newest Upgraded Version:
1. Added infrared receiver
2. Replace Micro HDMI with regular HDMI.
3. New shell, built-in upgraded adapter board, interface is standard HDMI, no need for adapter

1.Case just for Raspberry Pi 4 / 4 B
2.Raspberry Pi board is not included

1. LEEK ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE | Made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning
aesthetics and functionality.
2. PASSIVE AND ACTIVE COOLING | The whole case top acts as a passive cooling for the Raspberry Pi.
And a software controllable fan is added inside the case for better temperature management.
3. EASY ASSEMBLY & NEAT CABLE MANAGEMENT | Assembling the case with the Raspberry Pi is easy.
4. All of the ports are accessed at the back, making the mini-computer manageable with minimal cable clutter and easy cleaning.
5. PROPER SYSTEM SHUTDOWN | A proper power button is installed on the case to prevent file damage.
It safely Shutdowns, Reboots, and Forced Shutdowns functions are built in features.
6. MAGNETIC REMOVABLE TOP & ACCESS TO GPIO | The PCB Board built into the case provides separate power
sources to the fan and power switch, as well as extending the GPIO pins to use the case in multiple projects.

Clean, Stylized Design.
Made with aluminum alloy and polished with gray finish, the case makes mini computers look modern, sleek, and stylish,
easily attracting anyone into computers. Its minimalist design keeps cables in one area, and offers great cooling with properly placed vents.
Amazing Cooling The aluminum alloy case doesn’t just make the computer look cool, but it also cools the computer too.
The case has an extension that connects to the processor with a thermal cooling pad so that heat from the processor is transferred to the case.
This means that the case becomes a heatsink passively cooling the motherboard so that the computer can work without building up much heat.
To top it off, the case comes with a built-in PCB board with a fan attached to actively cool the computer further.
These two cooling systems combined guarantee long-lasting use without overheating. The fan speed can be configured anytime via the terminal,
as well as the conditions for changing the fan speed passively. Minimal Clutter All the ports of the Raspberry Pi are accessed at the back to
ensure that Cable clutter is at a minimum. This also makes the computer easy to tidy and pack up when on the move without compromising any
ports of the motherboard. Easy to Assemble The case comes with a top and bottom, 4 screws, a built-in PCB Board, a silicon cooling pad,
and a PCB Board that extends the audio and micro HDMI ports. Assembling the raspberry pi with the case though is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C.
Combining the parts together is simple and intuitive. All that’s needed is a four-way screwdriver, and that’s just to tighten the screws to
the bottom of the case. No special tools needed.

100% Brand New and High Quality
suitable for Raspberry Pi4
Color:Same as the picture

Packing Include
1x Aluminum Case

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