19 in 1 Repair Set w/3D Analog Sensor Stick+Tool Fit for Switch Lite Joystick

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19in1 Repair Set w/3D Analog Sensor Stick+Tool Fit For Switch Lite Joystick

1. Replacement repair tool kit for Switch Lite Joy Con joystick works for Left or Right joy con joystick, replaces your broken, worn-out, insensitive or drift analog joystick. Perfect solution to bring your controller back to life. The joystick is also suitable for Switch.
2. Upgrade quality, our joystick is made of superior compact material, metal lock buckles instead of plastic buckles, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to break like the original.
3. 19 IN 1 Professional & complete repair repairing tool kit are included, 2 x replacement joystick, 6 x screws, 1 x "Y" tri-wing screwdriver, 1 x "+" cross screwdriver, 1 x tweezer, 1 x pry bar 1 x pry tool and 6 x colorful thumbstick caps.
4. Easy installation, it comes with precise screwdrivers and repair tool kits, and equipped with 6 non-slip functional colorful thumbstick caps and play for as long as you can without slipping.

1. Type: Replacement Joystick Set for Switch Lite
2. Material: Plastic + Metal
3. Compatible with: Fit for Switch Controller Joy-Con

Package Included
2 x Joystick for Switch Lite
6 x Screws (4 housing screws, 2 internal screws)
6 x Colorful Thumbstick Caps
1 x "+" Cross Screwdriver
1 x "Y" Tri-wing Screwdriver
1 x Tweezer
1 x Pry Bar
1 x Pry Tool

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