12V Warmer Heated Handlebar Adjustable Lacing Grips Universal For Motorcycle

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12V Warmer Heated Handlebar Adjustable Lacing Grips Universal For Motorcycle

Product advantages:
(1) There is reverse connection protection and anti-surge protection.
(2) Pure rubber PVC fabric, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, anti-inward fold, anti-aging, water-alkali resistance
(3) Built-in intelligent temperature control chip, five-speed adjustable temperature, intelligent temperature control is more convenient.
(4) 10 seconds rapid heating, large heating area.
(5) The heating piece is fixed by straps, which is convenient and quick, and does not damage the handlebars.
(6) IP67 waterproof level, even if the switch and handle cover are soaked in water, they can work normally. When the handle cover needs to be cleaned, just unplug the plug to wash it with water, which is very convenient.
(7) There are 5 gears of temperature costing lower power owing to the energy-saving design.

Material: composite fiber heating wire +(L bracket) stainless steel
waterproof level: IP67
Input voltage: DC12.2V
Working temperature: -30℃ to +100℃
Power: First gear(Red)--18W/85℃ Second gear(Orange)--14W/75℃ Third gear(Yellow)--10W/60℃ Forth gear(Green)--8W/55℃ Fifth gear(Blue)--6W/50℃
Installation method: 3M glue sticking and fixing, L bracket lens holder fixing
Wiring method: connect the red wire of the product to the positive pole of the power supply, and connect the black wire of the product to the negative pole of the power supply (the lamp does not light up when it is connected reversely, only heat)
Operating instructions: VIN<11.7V -- Won't work; VIN<12.2V -- Breathing led lasts for 5s then turns off; VIN>12.2V -- LED always on;(First gear(Red) for 85℃; Second gear(Orange) for 75℃; Third gear(Yellow) for 60℃ Forth gear(Green) for 55℃ Fifth gear(Blue) for 50℃); Press once to switch gear.
Note: The positive and negative poles are connected reversely, the switch cannot be used, and the heating element directly heats up (It can automatically prevent lossing electricity and won't work normally with the volt lower than 12.2V)

【pay attention】:
[1] Please select the appropriate gear according to the ambient temperature. Under low temperature conditions, when the temperature of the electric heating grip cover cannot be sensed in time due to the numbness of the hand, please use the low or medium gear first to prevent high temperature burns.
[2] This product is only suitable for motorcycles with 12V batteries. Please confirm the voltage of your car before installation, and read the installation diagram carefully. Incorrect voltage and wiring will cause damage to the components.
[3] This product can only be installed on the handlebars of motorcycles to be energized. You can use a battery to test whether the product is properly energized before installation.
[4] It is strictly forbidden to energize and work when not riding (empty burn) to prevent the electric handle cover from being overheated and damaging the original handlebar.
[5] It is recommended to connect the electric door lock wire for the wiring. Most models have a black positive pole and a green negative pole. For specific conditions, it is recommended to use a multimeter to measure.

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