1.8 inch Mini mSATA PCI-E SSD HDD to 40pin ZIF CE Cable Adapter Card

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Mini PCI-E mSATA to CE ZIF 1.8 inch SSD to 40 pin ZIF CE Cable Adapter Converter Card SSD HDD Adapter Converter

This Adapter only supports the 5 cm solid state drive defined by the mSATA interface in the mini pci-e. The mSATA is not equal to the 1.8-inch MICRO SATA.
The mini pci-e interface has three pin definitions. mSATA- is more common on Lenovo and THINPAD machines. SATA MINI PCI-E- is more common in Asus EPC and some tablets.there is also a PATA definition, which is essentially an IDE interface, more common on Dell MINI 9 and other machines.The three interface definitions look exactly the same and can't be distinguished by the naked eye, so be sure to distinguish the interface definitions of your SSDs!
Solid state drive (not supported by ASUS, the kind used by Lenovo) plus adapter card, the size is the same as your original CE interface mechanical hard disk, solid state drive plus adapter card size: 6 * 3.5 * 0.7cm (long *generous).
Connect the Mini PCI-e mSATA SSD to a 1.8" ZIF SSD for easy update of IPOD, PAD or laptop SSD. (Not supported by any Apple device)
Be sure to pay attention to the direction in which the cable is plugged into the connector, as opposed to your original hard drive.

Fully compliant with ZIF specification.
3.3V Mini PCI-e SSD (mSATA module) support.
Connect Mini PCI-e mSATA SSD as 1.8inch ZIF SSD, update SSD of your iPod, iPad or laptop easily.
No extra power adapter and drivers needed.
Size: approx. 60 X 35 X 7 mm/2.36 X 1.38 X 0.28 in
Support DOS, Win98/SE, 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 10,Sever 2008, Mac OS, Linux.

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