1/2" NPT Pair Hydraulic Flat Face Quick Coupler Skid Steer For Bobcat ISO 16028

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1:Flat face hydraulic couplers use the ISO 16028 standard, which replaces older ag coupler standards that result in hydraulic oil spillage and added debris in your hydraulic system.
2:Our couplers are machined out of carbon steel, which offers corrosion resistance, as well as an extra layer against normal wear and tear.
3:Each individual coupler comes with its own removable bright red form-fit rubber cap attached to the coupler body, adding an extra later of protection against debris ingress.
4:Flat face female couplers also come with a knurled collar that interfaces a fixed ball. When rotated, the collar is locked into place - a safety feature to prevent accidental decoupling to your application.
5:Hydraulic flat face couplers are designed to withstand your roughest working environment.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Quick Coupler Set
Material: Carbon Steel
Electroplating Process: ?White Zinc
Body: 1/2"
ISO Standard: ISO 16028
Thread: Male 1/2" NPT + Female 1/2" NPT
Rated Flow: 45.5L/Min
Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Seal Temperature Range: -4°F to 212°F
Fluororubber Seal Temperature Range: -4°F to 356°F

1. Please do not use it for fluids other than applicable fluids.
2. Do not exceed the maximum use pressure limit during use.
3. Do not use it outside the operating temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material.
4. Do not hit, bend, or stretch artificially to prevent damage.
5. Do not use it in places mixed with metal powder or sand to prevent poor work or leakage.
6. For threaded installation, do not exceed the maximum tightening torque during installation to prevent damage.
7. Do not use hoses with cracks to prevent leakage or falling off.
8. If it is used in a machine with vibration or impact, it will reduce the durability.
9. The fluid used must be clean fluid filtered by a filter.
10.Do not disassemble the quick connector.
11.Please allow 1-5mm errors due to manual measurement.

Package Included:
1x Female Flat Face Coupler
1x Male Flat Face Coupler
1x Male PVC Protective Cover
1x Female PVC Protective Cover

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