Z034 Tactical Anti Noise Sordin Headgear Headphones for Aviation Army Helmet

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Z034 Sohradin headgear noise-canceling headphones
1. The earphones are powered by two no. 7 batteries(not included) and have a mic on the left side. They have three buttons, one for volume reduction, one for volume increase and one for turn on/off.
2. Brand Name: z-tactical
3. Plug model: military code 7.0 standard connector
4. Weight: about 380 grams
5. Applications: soradin helmet, no modification, tactical communication

1. Average noise reduction: 25dB
2. This headset is a walkie-talkie headset, Used on a walkie-talkie may co-use the PTT(push-to-talk)
3. Any harmful impulse noise should be immediately reduced to a safe level
4.When harmful noise is reduced, auditory function reverberates.
5.Enlarged to four times, it can be used as a microphone to hear internal whispers, like a spy.
6.New Military Standard Plug
7.Thin design bowls for right and left shooters
8.Low-profile design that can be worn under a helmet or under the head
9.Adjustable control!Adjustable size for comfortable use.
10.The newly designed earcup provides clear sound and comfortable support.Mobile arm microphone.

This Z034 soladin head-mounted noise reduction headset can work well in harsh environments, such as labor protection work site, construction site and other noisy environment, wearing a helmet to use, sound clear.Its anti - noise function, not the general headphones can be compared.Because of its superior materials and functions, it makes engineers in manufacturing industry, technicians in processing industry, construction team, airport staff, racing team and other people who work in noisy environment popular.

Match with FAST 20MM Guide Helmet, helmet is not included

Package included:
1 x Noise-canceling Tactical Headset With Installation accessories

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