P2-H4 Vacuum Single Copper Tube LED Headlight 6500K IP68 White Light

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1. Model: H4/9003/HB2
2. Working Voltage: DC 9-48V
3. Waterproof degree: IP68
4. Number of lamp beads: 24/pcs
5. Vehicle placement: left, right, front
6. Installation: Plug and Play
7. Light source model: CSP7035 custom light source technology
8. Color temperature: 6500K
9. Heat dissipation theory: aviation aluminum 6063, high-efficiency cooling fan, vacuum single copper tube
10. Service life: > 50,000 hours
11. Package: A pair of LED headlight kits, built-in LED driver, with instruction manual
12. Measured power: 55W/piece; 110W/pair (refer to the platform data standard for details, the product packaging does not have specific parameters)
13. Luminous flux: 12000LM/pair (refer to the platform data standard for details, the product packaging does not have specific parameters)

1. Double effect integrated heat dissipation, built-in heat dissipation system: equipped with hydraulic fan, rotating speed can reach 15000rmp (the ordinary type in the market is double ball fan, rotating speed ≤ 7000rpm), fast heat dissipation, fan shaft is made of copper, and the fan has a long stable life
2. High power lamp bead: P2 adopts 7035-85mil CSP chip, with consistent luminous points, perfect light pattern, consistent with the original design, high power, high brightness, making night day and ensuring safe driving. In addition, a layer of oil film is attached to the surface of the lamp bead, which makes the color temperature of the headlight more stable and effectively reduces the light decay rate
3. Double red copper base plate heat conduction: the lamp bead base plate is composed of two high-quality red copper sheets+single vacuum copper tubes. The red copper sheets work better with the copper tubes to achieve double-sided heat conduction. The base plate is closely combined with the aluminum lamp body and fully contacted, allowing the temperature of the lamp bead to be quickly and efficiently transferred to the bottom fan, greatly improving the heat dissipation effect
4. Constant current intelligent temperature control module: the external temperature control intelligent drive can identify the temperature of the lamp body and share the heat; Avoid the risk of burning the lamp, reduce the temperature of the headlamp and prolong its service life. The rated power of the module can reach 50v, and that of the conventional model on the market is 25v. It can better adapt to the change of the instantaneous starting voltage of the car, making the headlamp products more stable and more efficient
5. [Bus can be connected for 98% of vehicles] - Our bulbs can work normally for 98% of automotive computer systems, while some sensitive models such as Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Volvo, Lexus, Chrysler, Mini, etc. may need to install additional CANBUS decoders.Shipping
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