100 Gears of Adjustable Mini DIY Spots Welding Machine Control Board Kit

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100 Gears of Adjustable Mini DIY Spots Welding Machine Control Board Kit

1: 100 Gears of power: 100 Gears of power adjustable design, the welding process is more accurate, and the welding effect is more perfect.
2: Digital display: with digital tube real-time gear display function.
3: Current and voltage parameters: 10-15V wide input voltage design, 100-300a suitable working current, support welding 0.1-0.15mm nickel sheet.
4: Recommended power supply: 12V car starter power supply, 12V 20-60ah lead acid battery with excellent performance.
5: Select MOS tube: output through 5 MOS tubes, the maximum welding current is 2600A.
6: 350mm soldering pen: It is composed of multiple strands of high temperature wire, which has good torsion resistance and more sensitive operation.
7: 2mm Solder-Pin: Has good electrical conductivity and low contact resistance, fast debonding, easy to transport.
8: Cold pressing process: large area contact with pure copper joints to reduce internal resistance.
9: Complete set of accessories: with non-slip flange nuts and screws to increase the flow area.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Spot welding machine control board
Material: PCB + Metal
Working current: 100-300A(The current cannot be higher than 600A)
Power supply voltage: 10-15v
Product size: 80*44mm/3.1*1.7inches

1.The package does not include batteries, you need to bring your own.
2.If the discharge is lower than 100A, it will not work. Batteries with large discharge current (working current higher than 300A)
will have large sparks during use, which will affect the welding effect. In severe cases, the circuit board will burst and burn out.
3.Please strictly follow the correct way of wiring, do not reverse.

Package Included:
1 * Solder the circuit board
2 * Heat shrink tubing
2 * Input cable
2 * Soldering pen
4 * Screw
1 * 5m nickel sheetShipping
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