BTC-S37 Miner Motherboard 8 GPUs 8 PCIE Graphics Card With Built In CPU

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BTC-S37 Mining Accessories Motherboard ETC Miner Motherboard CPU Set 8 PCIE 16X Slots Low Power Consume Sound Card Fit for Bitcoin Mining Mining Motherboard Cryptocurrency

This product is the latest version of the product,----BTC-S37.
This product is a mining machine motherboard CPU set , low power consumption , less heat generation ,energy saving and safe use .Easy to operate, refer to the product structure diagram can be connected to the appropriate accessories! Start the "mining road"!

1. This product is a Intel Celeron CPU 1037U 1.80Ghz/Intelr Celeron 847(Random) mining machine motherboard CPU set, low power consumption, less heat generation, energy saving and safe use.
2. Memory slot: 8 graphics card plug including HDMI-compatible + VGA + 2 * SATA + mSATA 2.0 + 8 * PCIE 16X. ( PCIE X1 Gen2 Speed).
3. Durable use: This mining machine motherboard works actually done for you is lasting and useful.
4. Stabilizing voltage: The voltage stabilizing capacitor can provide a stable voltage for your power supply equipment.
5. Low energy consumption: It can ensure low power consumption, less heat generation, energy saving and safe use.
6. Silent performance: This mining machine motherboard has no noise in the process of working and keeps silent at all times.

CPU: Intel Celeron CPU 1037U / Intelr Celeron 847(Random)
Color: Black
Size: 575*195mm (22.64*7.68in)
Memory: 1 * DDR3 sodimm socket
Storage: 1 * SATA 3.0 + 1 * SATA 2.0 + 1 * mSATA 2.0
USB: 4 * USB 2.0
Expandable board: 8 * PCIE16X + 1 * SATA 3.0 + 1 * SATA 2.0 + 1 * mSATA 2.0

Package Included:
1 * Mining Machine Motherboard

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