600W/110Vac IP65 Waterproof Solar Inverter Grid Tie MPPT Micro Inverter

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600W/110Vac IP65 Waterproof Solar Inverter Grid Tie MPPT Micro Inverter

This product is of EU Plug, please make sure you don't mind before purchasing. If there is no European standard socket in your country or region, you can go to the online or offline store to buy the adapter, thank you!

1. Built-in high-precision automatic power point tracking (Maximum PowerPoint Tracking referred to as MPPT)
Powerful MPPT algorithm to optimize power collection from solar panels, which can accurately capture and lock the maximum output power point, so that the power generation can be greatly increased to more than 25%;
2. Reverse power transmission
High-efficiency power reverse transmission technology, one of the patented technologies, when the inverter is in the grid-connected output mode, the power is transmitted in the reverse direction, and the load in the circuit is automatically detected and used first.
Only when the electricity cannot be used up is it transmitted to the power grid in the reverse direction and supplied to other places for use, and the power transmission rate can reach 99.9%. Higher output efficiency in photovoltaic power generation application systems;
3. Output pure sine wave
Use SPWM to directly generate pure sine wave output;
1. Output waveform: use complementary PWM to push and avoid, pure sine wave;
2. Generation method: enhanced high-speed SPWM;
4. Full digital control
The charging module adopts intelligent soft switching technology and has built-in MCU;
The inverter module adopts high-frequency switching power supply technology and 32-bit DSP full-digital SPWM control technology, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, fast operation speed and high degree of intelligence.
High precision and output waveform quality;
5. Grid-connected stacking mode
In grid-connected stacking mode, any number of inverters can be stacked in parallel when used in grid-connected mode. Off-grid stacking mode, when the inverter is used off-grid, any number of inverters can be stacked in parallel.
The system sends out the main control signal and the inverter receives the main control signal and outputs it synchronously;
6. Electrical isolation
The output and input of the system are completely electrically isolated, and the insulation performance of the entire power distribution system is good. The fully isolated booster circuit is safer and more reliable to use;
7. Miniaturization
High frequency; micro, high frequency processing, miniaturization, smaller and lighter;
8. Protection function
Over temperature protection, under voltage alarm, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection functions;
9. Flexible installation
Multiple inverters can be stacked arbitrarily, a single-phase parallel stacking system can be formed, or a three-phase system can be easily formed to provide three-phase AC power;
10. Simplify maintenance work (user-maintained)
After the installation of the power station, almost no maintenance work is required, and the dust on the photovoltaic panel can be cleared after a long time;

Inverter Model:600W/110Vac
MPPT Voltage Range:22-45V
Operation Voltage Range:22V-50V
Maximum Input Voltage:50V
Startup Voltage:22V
Maximum Input Power:2*300W
Recommended Using Solar Panels:2X300W,Voc:36-50V
AC Rated Volt Range: 110V
Rated Output Power:550W
Maximum Output Power:600W
Default Output Voltage Range:90-160VAC
Nominal Output Frequency:47-52.5Hz /57-62.5Hz
Maximum Units per Branch:5 units(single phase)
Waterproof Grade:IP65
Communication:433/462MHz wireless communication (Does not contain a communication box)

Package Included:
1x micro inverter
1x manual(English)
1x bag screw
1x 1 meter M25 male cable
1x 3 meter EU plug AC power cable

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