100PCS Alloy SMD Clip Resistor 2512 2W 0.001R-0.1R 10 Values x 10PCS

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2512 SMD Resistor 10 Values 100PCS Sample Package

1:Small but put everything in its place, so saves space and is easy to carry.
2:The Clear label on the front and on the back of every paper taping, never mixed up.
3:Beginner hobbyists and veteran electronics experts alike will appreciate the variety and organization of components included with this kit.

Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality.
Type: 2512 SMD Resistor Sample Package.
Power : 2W
Material:plastic + metal

Resistance: (10Values x 10PCS)
R001 R002 R005 R008 R010
R015 R020 R025 R050 R100

1.Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2.Please confirm whether suitable for you yourself before buying.

Package Included:
100x ResistorShipping
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